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His name was JAKOB

As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamed of a big family, of having lots of children!!! I got pregnant with my first child when I was 25, I had my son when I was 26, the most beautiful baby in the universe. From that day on, I had the most beautiful title in the world, THAT OF MOM… The most rewarding of all!

Alexandre was my godsend, but unfortunately, he grew up too fast, like all our little loves! When he was 4 years old, he kept asking me for a little sister like Caillou, and he wanted to call her Mousseline! He did indeed have his little sister 2 weeks before his 5th birthday, on Valentine's Day. But don't worry, my daughter's name is not Mousseline, but Sabrina! My children have a connection and are united like I have never seen from a brother and a sister since the very first day! At just 5 years old, Alex was the best big brother in the world and he is still like that today.
As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamed of a big family, of having lots of children!!!
his name wasJAKOB
Then, Sabrina grew too.. and guess what? Well in turn, she asked for a little brother!!! In 2014, having a new spouse when my children were 12 and 17 years old), I learned that I was pregnant! I am 43 years old at this time. Even though it wasn't on the program, I'm the happiest in the world… and what can I say about my children, they trip as much as me, and to top it off, dad is as excited as we are!

We have to prepare for the arrival of the baby. I'm feverish.. Am I too old? Ha no! I have lots of love to give! Plus, my daughter's dream came true, he's a little brother! My daughter is already looking forward to playing living doll with her little brother, she wants to take him for a walk in a stroller and take him everywhere with her and my son already wants to show him "Gamer".

But my dream has become my worst nightmare…

At 5 months pregnant, he stopped moving… I couldn't feel it anymore. Emergency ultrasound, I knew it.. I knew it was wrong. That day, May 14, 2014 more precisely, a part of me died with Jakob... His name was Jakob, and I will never have the chance to say or write his name. How to announce this to my children when myself, I am devastated… The height… I am told that I have to come back 2 days later so that he provokes the delivery. Come on, it's not human to do that!!! I spend 48 hellish hours crying and patting my... lifeless belly. No baby, I'm begging you, don't go...

On the fateful day, dad was crying with me. They must have ended up putting me to sleep because I was in hysterics. On May 14, they took a little being out of my belly… that I already loved too much! For months I couldn't see any strollers, baby items… let alone babies! I cried every time wondering, why me? Why my family?

In 2018, I learned of the existence of hyper realistic dolls, called REBORNS. I watched reports, videos, but it was more in Europe, much less known in Quebec. I thought about it a lot, see often, but it was much too expensive and not at all in my budget at the time, and I was waiting for the right "coup de coeur".
As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamed of a big family, of having lots of children!!!
His name was JAKOB

In 2020, covid year, when I was browsing on Marketplace, I saw a reborn baby!

OH !!!! It was him !!! Don't ask me why, but he was the one who was going to play my baby "angel". I contacted the reborner who told me that he was already adopted, but that she had another kit Christopher asleep and that she could therefore make another one!

She sent me photos of the creation process, and on September 14, 2020, after days of hoping and waiting, I finally received Jakob in the mail! I had never seen a reborn doll before him, never held in my arms either! But Jakob was... by far the most handsome of them all! I cried, cried and cried… For 3 days, I didn't put it down once! Jakob already had a loan at home:

- a month - shell - tons of small clothes - soft toys - 2 strollers

As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamed of a big family, of having lots of children!!!
His name wasJAKOB
I spoiled him… but so much! I gave her tons of kisses! My children have accepted him, and call him their little brother. Jakob, for 2 years now, has been with us at Christmas and during our family gatherings (My boyfriend and my children) Jakob was also the reborn of our late dog Marley who knew...Oh yes, he knew that this baby was the one that he had felt moving in 2014 in my stomach, his big head leaning against my belly, full of life! Marley is now in heaven with baby angel, and I like to imagine them together forever.

My little reborn angel has managed to fill part of the gap left by my son (I love him madly and unconditionally).

Jakob now has reborn siblings, but only he has the title of little brother to my older children of 26 and 20 years old. We also like to say that Louka-Sky, my 18-month-old toddler, is the continuation of Jakob. He too is their little brother now.

My baby angel, from the top of his cloud, managed to send me his alter ego, to make me meet extraordinary and wonderful friends who each have their stories. Moms, collectors and reborners that I love, and to whom I care a lot, because they understand me and respect me.

As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamed of a big family, of having lots of children!!!
His name was JAKOB
To you, reborners, friends… I want to say thank you! You fill our hearts of moms with your little masterpieces, which are much more than a doll.

Jakob up there, my own little angel, watches over us down here, especially Alex and Bibi. One day, my son, we will be reunited…and your little hand will never leave mine again.

Your mom who adores you xxx


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