The reborn stagings... What a pleasure!!!!!

Hello I introduce myself, Daisy Pigeon, young mother of Alexis 12 and a half years old and Mia 10 and a half years old! Ever since I was little, I've been playing with dolls.

Don't talk to me about barbies, I didn't want it. I only liked dolls, since they look like babies. By the way, I reborn my old doll that I had when I was 4 years old. His name is now Félix and he is almost 30 years old!! I dragged my dolls with me everywhere and in stores for a really long time, at least until I was 13 for sure and I even think that at 16 I had bought an old car seat to put in my first car and bring my dog ​​there, he was probably also used for a doll on the sly!! Hehehe!

When I discovered the world of reborns, I was really enchanted! I love babies so much and also do photos and scenarios. Sometimes I do a photo shoot that I have planned down to the smallest detail such as the color of the clothes, the decor, the position of the baby(s), the accessories, etc. Other times, more often these, I shoot spontaneously! That is to say, an idea suddenly comes to me and I start taking pictures! I won't hide from you that these are often the best!

In my daily life, Shawn often accompanies me! It is with him that I do the majority of my screenplays. It is so realistic and manageable. He takes almost any position I want! Shawn is a 28 inch toddler. He is the size of an 18 month old baby. It's my little tanner! When he is with me, I come up with lots of ideas to do scenarios with him, when I fold my laundry, he can decide to empty my basket, when I do the dishes he plays in the foam. All sorts of ideas like that come to mind spontaneously. I won't hide from you that my child's heart loves doing this!! I couldn't tell you exactly how I feel when I do my screenplays but it makes me feel good.

Shawn has a nickname, Pinocchio. Why Pinocchio because I reborn him and as my good friend Carolyne Lemieux told me (she named him Pinocchio) he is alive. My reborn toddler is alive! Well not really but in our hearts it is thanks to my scenarios with this little guy who makes hearts crack! On Facebook, in the groups of reborn babies, Shawn is a little star! My passion for reborns is no secret to anyone so I also sometimes publish it on my personal Facebook page! So there you have it, that was my little note to tell you about my experience with the scenarios I do with me reborns!

Daisy Pigeon, proud reborn mom!!

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