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The importance of small details!

Why pay $1000 for something you can get $200 elsewhere?
The importance of small details!

Of course, you will find reborn babies of all prices, but are they all of the same quality? There is the question!

Why pay $1000 for something you can get $200 elsewhere?

Be aware that the more you pay for a reborn, the more it is likely to be realistic and therefore well made (will not discolor and become shiny or shiny). But that of course depends on what you are looking for initially. Do you want to get a beautiful doll or a realistic baby? There are beautiful reborn dolls, made by great artists, but you can never confuse them with real babies. So depending on what effect you are looking for, prices will of course vary.

How to make a reborn doll as realistic as possible? With small details!!!

Example, the small white dots on the nose, called grains of millium, are very realistic on a newborn, on the other hand, they would not have their place on a toddler.

Why pay $1000 for something you can get $200 elsewhere?
The importance of small details !

Rooting (called enracinement in French) is also very important, for it to be done well, it should not be done in a day, a beautiful rooting requires time and above all, good quality hair. Did the artist take the necessary time? Did she use the right needle? There are several fibers for rooting, alpaca for example, is very soft to the touch and fits very easily in a natural way.

The small "bobos" style grafignes also add realism to infants. Marbling, whatever the age, is very important too, as are the veins. A baby without details is only a doll! Small blood vessels on the eyelids, inside the ears, small burst veins on the cheeks, baby acne are also interesting little details to give a very realistic appearance to your reborn baby. Another significant fact, depending on the price paid, you will also be entitled to a box opening or not!

A box opening, these are the small gifts that accompany the baby and which are either made by the artist or purchased.

Here are examples of what you might receive in a box opening:

Why pay $1000 for something you can get $200 elsewhere?
The importance of small details!

- pacifiers

- baby toy

- Teddy

- explanatory paper and care to bring to the baby

- birth certificate

- COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

- baby hairbrush

- baby clothes

- small stockings

- knitting

- shoes

- pacifier clip

- layers

- chocolate

- etc...

Of course, the size of the box opening will also depend on the price paid. It is often very pleasant to receive a beautiful box opening for the future mother, as if she were at her shower!

So in summary, yes some reborning artists sell their creations more expensive, but very often, it is greatly worth it!

Geneviève, Passion poupons rebons

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