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Rock a baby or staging?

In the world of reborns, a sculptor will model a kit and it will then be purchased by a reborner who will spend several hours creating it. The trimmer will paint several layers of paint on your baby, she will implant or paint her hair and put several details on her. There are several types of reborn babies. Among other things, toddler kits and newborn reborn babies.

In the world of reborns, a sculptor will model a kit and it will then be purchased by a reborner who will spend several hours creating it.
Rock a baby or staging?
Newborns are reborn babies who weigh between 3 and 8 pounds and are between 17 inches and 23 inches tall. These are babies who wear premature, newborn or 0-3 month size clothes, depending on the weight and size of the reborn. They are excellent for older people who have less arm strength or for children. For those who love rocking, sleeping newborn reborn babies are perfect for you! They look so real, peaceful and they take on so well! Newborns are either awake or asleep, preferences vary according to the needs of the people who get them and the different kits offered by the sculptors. Newborn babies are perfect for photo shoots, they are flexible and position themselves in different ways, depending on the baby's limbs.

A newborn can have 3⁄4 or full limbs. The legs or arms of your reborn can be complete or have a small piece of fabric between the body and the limbs, this is called 3/4 limbs. Newborn babies are perfect if you love taking care of a baby and love footed pajamas! If you like to hang out with your baby discreetly, newborns are perfect for that. In the shell or stroller, newborns will look very lifelike, especially sleepers! Rocking a newborn brings multiple benefits to physical and psychological health, newborn reborns are perfect for remembering beautiful moments to rock with your children who have grown up so quickly!

For their part, toddlers are reborn babies who weigh between 8 and 15 pounds and are 24 inches and over. These are babies who wear clothes of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and even 24 months! Again, depending on the kits offered by the sculptors, the toddlers can take different poses. They are perfect for staging! Some even have frames, a frame allows the reborn to stand on their own. Mostly awake, reborn toddlers often have implanted and longer hair than newborns. If you love hairstyles and doing pigtails, toddlers are for you! Perfect for staging, need to be watched as they tend to get into mischief! They're also great for making videos or taking them to the park! As they are bigger babies, they mostly sit up on their own. On the other hand, if you want to leave the house with your toddler, it is very likely that people will notice that it is a doll, as a baby of this age usually moves a lot. Toddlers are recommended for people who prefer to put on a show and show off their babies in their new clothes, rather than those who want to rock. Toddlers can wear shoes, unlike some newborns! If you are a fan of baby shoes, you need a toddler! Think again though, toddlers are perfect for cuddling, despite their larger size!

No matter what type of baby you prefer, they are fragile. Care must be taken if you want them to stay beautiful for longer. For newborns, it is important to make sure that the pacifiers have a little protection on the magnet to avoid damaging the paint on your reborn's face. In addition, if you put small caps on your newborns, I advise you not to leave it on your baby for too long, in order to avoid breaking his implanted hair. For toddlers, it is important to brush their hair well, as they are longer, they can get tangled easily!

And you? Do you prefer reborn toddlers or newborn babies?

Sarah-Maude, who prefers newborns!!

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