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Reborn babies...A balm for illness, but also support against loneliness and despair!

Reborn babies can help get through the disease, bring comfort when cancer is announced, help get through chemo...
Reborn babies...A balm for illness, but also support against loneliness and despair!

Hello, my name is Angie, I am a proud reborn mom and also a 31 year old granddaughter this year. I am suffering from cancer, a brain tumor located in the pituitary gland and a degenerative disease of bones and soft tissues etc... and confined to a wheelchair which greatly limits my movements and my activities of daily living.

I was diagnosed and operated in emergency on October 17, 2017, 6 surgeries in 8 hours, for a soft tissue sarcoma. Little did I know at that time that this would be the beginning of my descent into hell and that many other health problems would follow and weaken the flame of hope that lived in me until I was more than an almost imperceptible faint glow. Indeed, the more I fought against this cursed cancer, the more other after-effects were added to the list and plunged me into a bottomless abyss where I had the impression of losing my feet and sinking little by little. .

By dint of not seeing the end of the tunnel, I ended up weakening myself and losing my taste for life. I thought to myself, what's the point of continuing a battle lost in advance? There are limits to what a human being can take without ultimately wanting to give up.

Then, at a certain point, I ended up hitting rock bottom and I couldn't bounce back, I was in a state of despair where disillusionment was my only companion and death seemed to me to be the only way out. Until a certain morning a little over a year ago when I received a message in my messenger from a lady claiming to be able to change my life with a realistic doll!...I wondered what a doll could do more for me when the rest didn't work!

But, I kept an open mind and listened because at this point what did I have to lose? It must be said that I had already seen in photos some of these realistic dolls and that I secretly dreamed of having one one day but, I had not entrusted it to anyone and it was only one dream among so many others that I would probably never realize.

Marielle Brosseau, a talented rebounder, was the lady who contacted me. She told me she was touched by me when she read a response to a post from someone I didn't know at the time but later became a friend about a baby she was having. lost at 6 months of pregnancy and having experienced the same thing with my little Sarah-Micaëlle in 1993 and with my little Loïc-Alexi a few years later I knew what it was like to mourn a little being that we loved from its conception and its first signs of life in us.

So I spoke to her with my heart and it didn't escape Marielle who decided to change my life without even knowing me. She didn't know it then but, she was not only going to change my life but, she was also going to save my life because at that moment I had made the decision not to fight anymore and to let myself die because all that was became too heavy for me to overcome and that I was at my wit's end. She showed me the one who would later be named Sarah-Micaëlle, my little girl in heaven and who would personalize this child who I missed so much and who had left such a big void in my heart.

It was love at first sight and from then on I had only one desire... to cling to it and hold it in my arms. I cried a lot after that because I had just realized how much I missed my little angels in heaven. I now had the possibility of putting a face to this little chip which was nothing more than a vague memory reminding me of the suffering of that day when she had joined the so distant world of the inaccessible. 2 days later she was home and I could finally hold her for the first time. What a feeling I felt then, a connection! Was it magic, madness? I couldn't say it, but it felt so good to me that I didn't want to ask myself too many questions, I just wanted to live this moment to the fullest. That's when my beautiful adventure with reborn babies began. I found my taste for life again and I even wanted to give him a little brother, the one I had lost a few years later. Then it was the turn of my twins lost very early in early pregnancy. My two beautiful little boys. A miscarriage, barely a year after my little Sarah-Micaëlle. Then, I decided to enlarge the family by realizing the dream that I had never been able to realize, that of a large family like in the time of our grandmothers. So I added a few more babies until I reached the almost full number of 14 little angels since I'm still expecting 3 more babies. Having set myself the limit of 15 because you have to put a stop somewhere, even if it's not always easy because there are always new favorites and new kits coming out and touch us each in their own way. Today, I can say that reborn babies have changed my life and my very first saved my life. An overpriced gift from a fairy godmother as I like to call her, Marielle, my friend, a talented rebounder and a woman of heart who knew how to touch mine with her great generosity, her sensitivity, her simplicity and all its beautiful qualities which make it a being apart. Subsequently I met Geneviève Danault, a very talented rebounder who also had qualities like those that I found in Marielle and I fell under the spell of one of her wonderful babies who seduced me. and made me want to know a little more about the woman behind the trimmer. Since then, just like Marielle before her, I consider her a precious friend. A person so human and devoted to his art. I consider myself privileged for all these beautiful gifts of life and these beautiful encounters that I had the chance to make in the world of reborn babies. My group was born out of my gratitude for all the wonderful things that have happened to me since my very first reborn in my life. For this rebirth of hope that rekindled the flame of life in me and gave me back the desire to fight and continue to live each day fully as if it were the last. For all that, I first thank Marielle, but also all the other reborners, reborn moms and collectors who are part of my life today. Let's be proud of who we are and don't let anyone tell us what we are entitled or not to do or not to do, because reborn dolls are to us women what cars are to little boys who grow up become men and that's not so bad! That was my little contribution! 🙏❤️🙏 Sincerely yours Angie Saint-Denis

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