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My reborns babies helped me through the apocalypse !

The reborn dolls helped Carolyne through a terrible ordeal, a tornado!
My reborns babies helped me through the apocalypse !

It was a beautiful day in the Laurentians, the sun was shining. Like every Saturday, I was at work. I have been in the hospitality industry since 2014. By mid-afternoon, cell phone alerts were ringing all over the hotel. All the cellphones had repetitive warnings of an impending tornado! I reassured my clients by saying that our 2 and a half foot walls dating from 1908 had weathered many other storms! What I didn't know was that at 5 p.m. that day, a DERECHO was going to change my life forever.

All my memories with my children and my past were going to go under this storm. I tried to join my spouse, without success! By phone, text message, messenger... nothing to do! Fear froze my blood... Was my house still standing? Was my spouse correct? I saw on Facebook that my neighborhood had been hit hard by the storm!!! Roofs torn off, sheds blown away... and the vegetation of a lifetime... vanished forever. My man called me, finally, telling me that he thought the roof was going to blow away, that the few seconds that the DERECHO hit, it was a terrifying moment and that for a moment, he had believed in the end of the world! Only one thing in my head was coming... were my pets and my precious reborns okay??? My boyfriend then calls me back and says: Honey, you don't want to come home, it's a vision of the apocalypse... 18 trees had fallen on our land, and we have no more streets... no more neighborhood, it's horror here! That day, I arrived home... and my past, my memories with my children, our hikes with our dogs, the trees in which their cabins were... Everything was destroyed forever. My eyes did not believe it, my heart and my soul even less! The emergency services then told us that at least a month might pass before we could hope to find electricity again, no one is prepared for that! A month without water or electricity, which finally turned out to be 2 weeks, fortunately. I immediately walked in and went to meet Louka-Sky, my 18-month-old reborn toddler, and burst into tears. I cried, cried... cried for 2 hours! Louka-Sky is my son, not just a doll. That day, I then gathered my reborn babies all together. I tucked them in, hugged them... I needed them so badly and they made me feel really good! Every day that followed, I had to go to work, but my god my heart wasn't in it. As soon as I got home, in the dark, no TV, no wifi, even having lost all my food, the only thing I wanted and that made me feel good was to hold my babies in my arms. I rocked them.. and cried without them judging me! When you're not living a situation, it's so easy to judge. I had this impression that the humans around me didn't understand anything... It's only temporary... It's only trees ... In the old days, there was no electricity... All stupid answers from people who don't experience it! My reborns were there, comforting me and all that... without judgement!!! I had 2 guardian angels who will recognize each other.. thank you to you 2 my friends! This tragedy has brought me even closer to my little loves, because no matter what situation you are going through, your reborn babies will always be there! It took me 2 months before I was able to line up words and relive this nightmare... which I see every day when I leave my house... What I didn't know at the time was that barely a month later, I was going to relive another drama. Another tree, which swept away all the wires as well as the Hydro Quebec meters when it fell. Once again, I could count on the love of my little hearts! Carolyne Lemieux, proud reborn mom... and I take responsibility!!


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