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Buying an authentic reborn kit is very important!

It is very important to get authentic reborn doll kits, for your health and to prevent counterfeits and theft.
Buying an authentic reborn kit is very important!

The danger of reborn copies!

These items are mostly created in China and machined with phthalate, a highly carcinogenic product! Already for this reason, very simple to understand, it is forbidden to own them and even less to resell them!

Then, the laws, for ages, do not allow the trafficking of counterfeit items and you are in serious trouble. We have at home the DGCCRF (in France) therefore the repression of fraud which is activated more and more severely!

And think of our sculptors! By buying Chinese copy items you are disrespecting them because without them you would not have the chance to have authentic reborns.

Moreover, it is to bet that you will pay the full price for a fake reborns, you will not be able to resell it and even less present it on the reborns groups, because for the most part, these do not accept copies on their band. A real reborn often has an engraving on the neck (or at least on the collar) and a certificate of authenticity from the sculptress herself. Yes, some kits do not come with a certificate, this is the case for some Ping Lau kits, in this case you can ask the sculptor directly who will often be happy to help you.

If this continues they will no longer be able to continue their creations….. You have facebook groups to help you see more clearly and thus avoid being fooled with a Chinese copy. On this one you will have many details to make you understand the dangerousness of the copies!

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