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Children and reborn baby dolls, a perfect match!!!

Reborn babies have benefits for many clienteles, even for children! Kids love reborns, they are therapeutic.
Children and reborn baby dolls, a perfect match!!!

Reborn babies have benefits for many clienteles, even for children! Kids love reborns, they are therapeutic and compared to a commercial doll, these are very realistic. For my part, I played with dolls until the age of 14, I would have loved to have a reborn doll when I was younger.

Little girls who love dolls and who know how to take care of them gently, can greatly benefit from a reborn doll. This empowers them, they learn to play gently and respect the game material! There are even some daycares and CPEs that offer weekly workshops with reborn babies. These babies are so beneficial to children. Those who will soon have a little brother or a little sister will be able to learn gentleness and respect with reborn dolls in order to practice for the arrival of the future new baby in the family. Anxious children, ADHD or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) love reborn babies! It calms, it empowers and it teaches gentleness to its children, in addition to offering them support. As a future specialized educator, I find that reborn babies can be an excellent tool for intervention with toddlers.

At the 7th birthday party of our beautiful Béatrice, I made her a reborn doll. Beatrice had been asking for her own baby for a long time. It was not uncommon to see Beatrice in the reborning workshop giving love to new creations before they joined their new families! Today, Béatrice takes care of her reborn baby every day, whom she proudly named Mila! She changes her clothes, gives her a bottle, there is even a special place for Mila in her room. Mila has her own little bed, with her blankets and stuffed animals. Béatrice's favorite activity is definitely to go shopping at a thrift store for her beautiful Mila! Béatrice is always ready to change babies from my mother's personal collection! We even have to stop it sometimes! Mila has her own stroller and I can tell you that this baby is really spoiled.

Victor, Béatrice's brother, loves reborn babies too! He takes them gently and he takes care of them very well. He loves to caress their hair and he finds them very beautiful! Victor can throw tantrums and be impatient or rigid at times. When he picks up a reborn doll, he sits down and is very calm! I advise you to get a reborn baby with painted hair instead of a baby with implanted hair if you want to give it to a child. The implanted hair, although stuck in the baby's head, is very delicate and children can unfortunately damage it over time. In addition, for small arms like those of Victor who finds reborn babies "too heavy!" », I recommend a reborn baby of premature format. These weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and are much more suitable for children. Give a reborn baby to a toddler and you'll be surprised how much he takes care of it!

Sarah-Maude, future special education teacher!


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