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An almost ordinary girl and her reborn baby dolls

Hello my name is Roxanne and I am 27 years old. I have the honor to share with you my story and I hope to help people with this one.

My life journey...

Reborn dolls help a young girl with Tourette's syndrome by helping her calm her many tics.
An almost ordinary girl and her reborn baby dolls

It all started at the age of 7, when I had the diagnosis that changed my life forever BAM!! Severe Tourette's syndrome.

As we get older, particularly during adolescence and as a young adult from 13 to 18 years old, strong and painful motor tics follow one another, which says pain says must be relieved, so an increase in neuroleptic-type drugs is necessary to reduce my tics… But given 500 mg of seroquel, I don't know if you know this drug which is very powerful. 500 mg is huge at 14 years old. So I had to have electrocardiograms every year and frequent blood tests to make sure my heart was fine. Obviously I was in the 2nd year of secondary school and I had to drop out of school, because there was too much pain and too much medicine to be able to study. I don't know about you, but losing your friends and seeing them succeed in finishing high school, going to CEGEP, etc. Being happy and healthy affected me a lot. Because in these 6 years I broke 6 ribs due to my powerful tics result 4 months without moving (addition of morphine to relieve my pain), 1 concussion, several tension headaches due to too much Tylenol to relieve my pain plus 4 months of hospitalization, depression...

Without forgetting the 3 years of withdrawal from my neuroleptics between the ages of 24 and 26. The discovery of doll therapy. I saw my mother who suffered a lot from seeing me suffer so much and trying to find a way to relieve me, until she wanted to go to France to heal me and here we discovered The REBORNING!!! I am 16 years old I find an article on the benefits of reborning on the net and I see a Berenguer reborner at the price of $ 250 in my eyes and those of my parents it is expensive … but relieving me is priceless. THE BENEFIT OF REBORNING

therapy begins • Concentrating on the baby, dressing it, taking care of it allows me to forget my pain and concentrate on things other than my misfortunes. • Allows me to calm my anxieties and accompany my tears. • Allows me to go out to see people, because when ojn is depressed we withdraw into ourselves. Having the baby with me allowed me to channel my embarrassment. • Year after year, reborn dolls have been an essential tool to channel my rage and avoid temper tantrums. • Calm my physical and mental pain, because the two are linked.


You will then understand that reborns are important in my life and will always have an important place, because in addition to being a therapeutic method without side effects, reborns are also art for me and become a magnificent collection. Of a woman with her heart of a little girl who hopes one day to have, despite her journey filled with gravel and pitfalls, a life filled with sweetness. Because every time we get up from an ordeal we have new hope for better days.

Roxanne Bureau, proud mom reborns!.


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