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Ah... You are scary with your dead babies!

It spanks eh as a title!! In fact, that's the title I gave to my last TIK TOK video, because since I've been on this social network… Phew, insults rain down easily!

So easy behind a screen to pour all our wickedness on people... Who very often we will say it, never asked to undergo that!

Reborns babies is scary!
Ah... You are scary with your dead babies!

This video, dated today, has been viewed more than 250,000 times on TIK TOK. The biggest problem with TIK TOK is that the more my video is seen... the more TIK TOK shows it lol, so it ends up landing with people who are not interested in reborns or for whom the subject was still totally unknown! Although several people defend me… several people still insult me there! Why am I continuing? I try somehow to educate people to open their minds a little...

- You scare with your dead babies…

- You really must have a serious psychological problem to still play dolls at

your age…

- So make real children! (I remind here that I have 7 lol)

- You are completely ridiculous...

- You are going to end your days all alone, gone like this…

- Buy clothes from dolls, when many children in Quebec don't even eat

not satisfied...

I could go on for a long time, but hey, I think you got the point, people are mean and don't even try to understand.

Several people even attacked my physique, what baseness!! I am often told not to take care of it… But honestly, do we really make the choice to take care of it or not? Honestly, it gets to us and hurts us whether we like it or not and that's unfortunate, but that's life.

Reborns baby is scary!
Ah... You are scary with your dead babies!

I still make it my mission to continue to talk about it and to make known the wonderful world of reborns throughout Quebec, because reborns are simply happiness!!What kind of insults or flat comments have you received about your reborn dolls?

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