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  • The reborn stagings... What a pleasure!!!!!

    Hello I introduce myself, Daisy Pigeon, young mother of Alexis 12 and a half years old and Mia 10 and a half years old! Ever since I was little, I've been playing with dolls. Don't talk to me about barbies, I didn't want it. I only liked dolls, since they look like babies. By the way, I reborn my old doll that I had when I was 4 years old. His name is now Félix and he is almost 30 years old!! I dragged my dolls with me everywhere and in stores for a really long time, at least until I was 13 for sure and I even think that at 16 I had bought an old car seat to put in my first car and bring my dog ​​there, he was probably also used for a doll on the sly!! Hehehe! When I discovered the world of reborns, I was really enchanted! I love babies so much and also do photos and scenarios. Sometimes I do a photo shoot that I have planned down to the smallest detail such as the color of the clothes, the decor, the position of the baby(s), the accessories, etc. Other times, more often these, I shoot spontaneously! That is to say, an idea suddenly comes to me and I start taking pictures! I won't hide from you that these are often the best! In my daily life, Shawn often accompanies me! It is with him that I do the majority of my screenplays. It is so realistic and manageable. He takes almost any position I want! Shawn is a 28 inch toddler. He is the size of an 18 month old baby. It's my little tanner! When he is with me, I come up with lots of ideas to do scenarios with him, when I fold my laundry, he can decide to empty my basket, when I do the dishes he plays in the foam. All sorts of ideas like that come to mind spontaneously. I won't hide from you that my child's heart loves doing this!! I couldn't tell you exactly how I feel when I do my screenplays but it makes me feel good. Shawn has a nickname, Pinocchio. Why Pinocchio because I reborn him and as my good friend Carolyne Lemieux told me (she named him Pinocchio) he is alive. My reborn toddler is alive! Well not really but in our hearts it is thanks to my scenarios with this little guy who makes hearts crack! On Facebook, in the groups of reborn babies, Shawn is a little star! My passion for reborns is no secret to anyone so I also sometimes publish it on my personal Facebook page! So there you have it, that was my little note to tell you about my experience with the scenarios I do with me reborns! Daisy Pigeon, proud reborn mom!!

  • My battle against anxiety... my allies? Reborn babies !

    Ever since I was little, it's no secret that I'm a very anxious person! The different milestones in life have been a real nightmare for me! Like for example, getting my driver's license or even having my first interview, I was crying, I was shaking and I lost all my means. How I wish I had known about reborn babies at this time in my life! There was even a time during my teenage years when I had up to two panic attacks a day! It is true to say that at that time, my days consisted of apprehending the worst, and this at every minute. I started medication at the age of 15, following a diagnosis of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). As my mom has always had small businesses, she and I were passionate about small businesses in Quebec and we loved discovering new ones. To do this, we regularly went to craft fairs across Quebec. One day, while we were in an artisan fair, we came across a reborner who was displaying her reborn babies for sale. It was too late, I was already in love! The lady saw that I looked at them a lot and she even offered to take one in my arms. It was love at first sight, I couldn't believe how realistic the baby seemed to me! This one sold them for $200, I found it so expensive at the base! To say that today I buy babies that cost more than $1000. I was no longer interested in any other artisan, I even returned to his table three times to pick up the babies before leaving! We talked about it with my mother and it all ended there. My birthday was a few weeks away from this show, but I didn't care. On the night of my birthday, my mother tells me that my gift is in the yard, I open the door and I fall with the lady of the reborn babies in the living room! I'm so happy that I even start to cry, I can't believe my eyes. I name my first reborn baby Oscar, a premature little boy who fills me with love. I was taking my low student pay at the time to buy him linens and blankets, I quickly realized that in addition to calming my anxiety, Oscar was fulfilling a maternal need that I had had for a long time in me. My first baby, he did me so much good! It's crazy how when I was having an anxiety attack, I would pick up my beautiful baby and lay on my back with it on my stomach. The weight of the baby on me calms me down and helps me a lot to control my breathing. I even manage to calm my first panic attacks alone, whereas before I couldn't! Reborn babies have a sweet smell inside them, which makes them smell like baby powder. This smell, it also helps me a lot to calm my panic attacks. Today, I have less than one anxiety attack per month! I'm so proud of myself, even though I'm going to have to struggle with anxiety all my life, now I know I have my reborn babies to help me deal with this one and calm me down. Do you remember I told you my mom had a lot of small businesses? Well, head of the entrepreneur that she is, she started making and selling her little treasures! I myself tried the experience of creating these little beasts, and as if by chance, the benefits are multiple on this side too! On my birthday this year, my mother gave me my beautiful Jade, a baby she created herself with her nimble fingers! In the evening, I sit and rock my little loves when I feel less well, and they comfort me. They are my babies, my loves, my little treasures, and every time I renew my collection and sell a baby, I cry like a big baby sending them to their new home. It doesn't seem like much, but we really get attached to these little creatures! Today, I still struggle with anxiety, but I know that thanks to my reborn babies, I will never again feel like I was at that dark time in my life when I even thought about ending it. With that, I leave you, I'm going to cuddle my beautiful Jade, she's waiting for me! Sarah-Maude Landry, young mother of reborns and proud of it!

  • Reborn dolls to the rescue of infertility!

    My reborn babies helped me come to terms with my infertility problem .When the diagnosis was announced (anomaly and early menopause), I was told that it was impossible for me to conceive a child naturally. I then fell into a black hole, I who had dreamed since childhood of having children and starting a large family. I felt my life falling apart with all my dreams and desires to have a family. One evening, by a happy coincidence, while browsing the Internet, I came across a group of reborn dolls. I then subscribed and started reading the comments on the group. There were mothers of all ages and from all over. These moms were talking about the benefits their reborn dolls brought them. So, on a whim, at the first available doll that offered itself on the group, I took my chance to get one! When he arrived, I had no idea that it would be the start of a great passion and that this little reborn baby would be the bridge that would help me accept the unacceptable, my infertility! These reborn dolls have all the features of real babies. By their weight, the small details, such as the veins, the marbling, the smell, the hair sometimes implanted one by one by hand, we almost end up forgetting that they are simple dolls. Taking them in my arms, rocking them and cuddle them helps me a lot to calm down. Over time, my family of reborns has grown and I now have different sizes. My reborn babies came to fill this maternal fiber in me. They are my pride and my reason for living! Melanie Isabelle Proud mom of reborns

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