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Tasse à café/Bouteille d'eau thématique reborns

Please note that this baby has already been sold. If you wish to order one, you must contact me. Also, since I like my products to be unique, yours will differ slightly from the one shown. You must complete the form at the bottom of this page.
By ordering in this section, the time to receive the order is approximately 8 weeks. 

Tasse à café/Bouteille d'eau thématique reborns

Tasse à café et/ou bouteille d'eau personnalisée. Garde le liquide chaud ou froid. Peut être utilisé pour boire au goulot ou avec une paille (incluse). Va au lave-vaisselle. 


Sauvons la terre en commençant à utiliser des gobelets réutilisables et surtout... Affichez-vous sans gêne!!!


2 phrases disponibles pour l'instant :


- Ben oui, je joue encore à la poupée, Ben non je ne suis pas folle !

- Fière adepte de la bébé thérapie !



Conçue dans un milieu non-fumeur et sans animaux.


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Shipping, returns and refunds

As reborn dolls can be easily damaged, by cigarette smoke, by improper handling, by exposure to the sun, etc… These items are neither refundable nor exchangeable. Make sure before ordering that it is really the model you want. In addition, reborn dolls are carefully packaged, so as to be very well protected, so they will arrive in very good condition. Also if you order an "Available" baby, it will be identical to the photo, if you order a "On Command" baby, be sure to let us know your special requests.

If you have a problem with an accessory, just contact us.
Delivery is made by Purolator in Canada (1 to 3 days) and by DHL Express elsewhere in the world (4 to 10 days).

Payment policy

Please note that we require a minimum deposit of $300.00 to start production.


Please complete the following order form to set order details, such as whether you want a girl or a boy, eye color, and hair color.

You can also order the reborn baby directly via an interac transfer. Please contact us to complete your order.


If you wish to pay in several payments, please contact us by email at Please also note that you will not be able to receive your reborn baby until we have received full payment of the invoice.


We have received your personalized order form. As mentioned above, you must pay your deposit of $300.00 for the production of your order to begin. If within 7 days you still have not made the deposit and we have no follow-up from you, your order will be cancelled.

An error has occurred. Please try again later.

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