Here is reborn baby Lou, 16 inches, 3 pounds

Available for adoption.


$ 490, 320 Euros, 353 US. Payment plan available on request.

It is fully painted with Genesis paint and baked in the oven.

Eyes closed.

Brown hair and eyelashes implanted with the needle. Hand painted eyebrows.

Has a good smell to baby powder.

Ballast with glass beads and polyester foam.

Manicured fingers and toes.

Made of soft vinyl and suede body.

Full members.


Sensation of a real baby in your arms, takes several realistic positions.

Designed in a non-smoking environment without animals.


Comes with his comforter, pacifier, clothes, birth certificate and coa, 2 layers.

Will be delivered by Purolator or Canada Post and a tracking number will be provided.


You can pay in installments if you wish, just let us know. Please note that shipping is free only if you pay the doll in one payment, shipping costs will be added if you choose to take a payment plan.


For a registered baby: available for adoption, it will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 working days.

For a registered baby: On order, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the preparation.


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  • Notice to people wearing a pacemaker:

    The use of strong magnets can cause interference.

    One of your reborn baby's main enemies is dust, so keep him safe in a clean, dry place.

    Pay attention to direct sunlight or a large change in temperature.

    If your baby has dust on him, take a brush and gently remove it. You can also take a cotton swab (Q-Tip) when the time comes to clean the eyes, nose, hollow of the ears, small folds, etc.)

    Never immerse the reborn baby in water, this will cause irreparable damage.

    To comb your baby's delicate hair, go gently with a baby comb.

    Use it like a real baby, with delicacy, love and tenderness!


    Important: Never put dark clothes on your reborn doll, example, navy blue, black, etc. this could damage the vinyl and rub off on it.